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What Is CBG Good For?!

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There are over 100 unique cannabinoids in the hemp plant and CBD is just one of my favorites. If I had to pick the one that has made the most positive impact on my life, I would honestly have to say Cannabigerol. But, before I get ahead of myself, what is CBG good for in the first place? 

CBG, short for Cannabigerol, communicates directly with the human body’s own endocannabinoid framework.

Researchers are still trying to understand exactly how CBG works. In any case, it seems that Cannabigerol binds with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CBG is not intoxicating and it may yield restorative and preventative advantages. That goes for the mind and the body. With no major psychological side effects, the compound shows a lot of promise for treating anxiety and depression.

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CBG functions by binding to both receptors where it helps you produce anandamide, a powerful neurotransmitter. Anandamide also helps enhance pleasure and motivation, regulate appetite and sleep, and alleviate pain. 

CBG has been called the mother of all cannabinoids. Why?

A Specific Sort Of Cannabinoid

CBG is a specific sort of cannabinoid because other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGa), an acidic form of CBG.

Researchers at Oregon State found that both CBDa and CBGa were equally effective. In addition, both work against alpha and beta covid variants. It is important to note that “The researchers tested the compounds’ effect against alpha and beta variants of the virus in a laboratory.

The study didn’t involve giving the supplements to people or comparing infection rates in those who use the compounds to those who don’t”, according to

Promising Results

Both compounds show promise, but further research needs to be conducted. Van Breeman said, “Our data show CBDa and CBGa are effective against the two variants we looked at, and we hope that trend will extend to other existing and future variants.” Regardless, that news sounds great during a time when bad news seems to get worse. 

The U.S. is still weeks away from a peak in the number of new COVID-19 cases. The numbers of new cases are soaring due to the highly contagious omicron variant.

According to,

“Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.”

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