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Best Way to Consume CBDa and CBGa

With so many different options, it might be difficult to choose the best way to consume CBDa and CBGa. You want to optimize the effects of the cannabinoids, after all.

There are a lot of things to watch out for when deciding which product is the best for you to consume. For instance, is the bioavailability of CBGA and CBDA product optimal to receive its effects? Or does smoking it convert the product back to CBD and CBG? This article is going to show you the best way to consume CBDA and CBGA.

In short, the best way to consume CBDA is to consume orally or topically with a nano technology. This increases bioavailability and prevents the compound from breaking down in the liver. In a similar way, the best way to consume CBGA is to consume orally or topically with a nano technology.

Understanding how the Cannabinoids Work

The most common application of these two unique products is the potential benefits of blocking the Covid Virus from entering your cells. In a lab test conducted by Oregon State University, under perfect conditions they have shown that these two cannabinoids can in fact block the virus from entering your cells. That is, well, amazing! The only problem is how to efficiently and effectively get the two Cannabinoids into your system so they can do their job. The answer is not so simple.

CBDa and CBGa have low heat tolerance before they transform back to CBDa and CBGa, unfortunately.

This not only makes it hard to formulate and create products, but it is harder for the consumer to get the full benefits of the product. In addition, you cannot mix it with water without breaking the particles down 100 times each. That would be considered a Nano Technology that is commonly seen in major cannabinoids like CBD.

You can check out our Catalog if you are interested in that technology. Another problem with that is temperature yet again. Heat builds when you break these particles, which means you have to have very advanced equipment to produce Nano CBDA and CBGA.

What ways do not work?

To start, the worst way to try and consume CBDA, CBGA and health wise any other product is through smoking it. Once the hemp is under combustion, the CBDA and CBGA will quickly revert back to their CBD and CBG counterparts. The same happens with THCA (which is a loophole in the hemp industry for hemp flower) when users chose to smoke hemp. It turns to Delta 9 THC.

The second worst way to consume these two cannabinoids is through cooked meal, baked goods, and any other food product that includes heat. There are ways to do this but the CBDA and CBGA must be added after the product is fully cooked. The heat would simply change the acidic compounds.

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Finally, the final WORST way to consume these molecules is through oral applications. This one still needs to be researched, but there is a lot of speculation about the liver converting the acidic compounds back to their original counterparts. That is where Nano technology comes in.

The best Way to Consume is Nano CBDA and CBGA

Yes, the best way to consume CBDA and CBGA is through the process of Nano CBDA and CBGA. The basis behind this claim is that the product is more bioavailable, meaning it can be absorbed by the body more effectively and efficiently. Imagine having small pebbles and beach sand all mixed into a bucket. Is it easier to pass the rocks through a course filter or screen? Of course not and that is the basis behind using Nano products that absorb into your system more effectively.

If your body can absorb it before it hits the liver, then you will receive more of the natural properties that they have to offer. The same goes for topical products, it is easier for the smaller particles to absorb through your skin than larger particles. The user will receive more benefits through this process. Click here to see our 1:1 CBDa to CBGa 50 mg softgels. 


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