CBDa And CBGa Softgels

Our CBDa and CBGa Softgels are the most effective way to consume CBDa and CBGa acidic cannabinoids. Increase the potential of your products by trying our wholesale offering of these two new products. Bona Voluntate offers worldwide shipping to countries that allow CBD Products. 

1:1 CBDA and CBGA Ratio.


Bulk CBDA And CBGA Softgels

Made with Isolate, these two products have been in high demand. Bona Voluntate is offering contracted capacity while supplies last. Each softgel contains 25 mgs of each acidic cannabinoid. With our perfect blend of 1:1 CBDA:CBGA, you have the perfect balance to ensure the intended effects are obtained.

These market leading Softgels are ready to input as a new sku within your product offerings. Made in a CGMP facility,  each of these Softgels have a dosing of 25 mg of CBGA and 25 mg of CBDA ensuring the antiviral effects are as high as possible. The highest we have seen in the market.

This is your opportunity to be first to market with the best acidic cannabinoids that can be found. These Softgels are ready to ship TODAY in bulk formulation as and can be co packaged in 10, 15, 20 and 30 count jars. Please Note: the softgels are slightly transparent in the light. Low MOQ of 10,000 Softgels, we are ready to support your growing brand! Our softgels are made with the following ingredients:

  • MCT
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract/Additional Cannabinoids
  • Sorbitol 
  • Purified Water
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CBDA and CBGA Softgels