CBD Distillate With Minors (T Free)

T Free Distillate

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T Free CBD Distillate with minors has 0% THC. After refining full spectrum distillate down to THC Free, this commodity creates huge opportunities for the European market due to it being fully compliant. 

Our Broad Spectrum Distillate includes:

90.61% CBD

8.85% CBG

1.65% CBN

0.18% CBDv

9% Terpenes

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More About CBD Distillate With Minors (T Free)

Bulk Wholesale T Free Distillate for sale to licensed businesses. Take advantage of the volume pricing to maximize your company’s potential. 

Our T Free Distillate is in oil form and is amber-gold in color. 

Appearance: Amber gold

Odor: Smell of phenolic compounds/tarry

Flavor: Earthy Bitter

Consistency: Oil

Solubility: Soluble with oils

Composition: 100% hemp extract by weight

Plant Parts Used in Oil: Whole plant

(flowers, leaves, stems, stalks, seeds)

Understanding the process of supply chain helps consumers confidence in the purity and authenticity of the cannabinoids. Here is how it works:

  1. Farmers grow the hemp plants all over the United States. They can either grind the plants up to produce Hemp Biomass or they can trim the buds or flower off the plants and sell CBD Smokable Flower.

  2. After grinding and drying the Hemp to produce milled biomass, the farmer can then offer it to Extraction labs or processing facilities. Most of the time, these facilities have their partnered logistics companies that transport the product by the truckload from the farm. Fide Freight is one of the leaders in hemp transportation. You can find them at www.fidefreight.com.

  3. The labs use a couple of methods to extract the oils from the plant matter. One being CO2 and the other is Ethanol. Both are totally safe. Once extracted, you are left with CBD Crude Oil.

  4. From there, the lab will either sell the CBD Crude oil or they will continue the process to winterize the crude and then extract it further into CBD Full Spectrum Distillate. Full Spectrum Distillate has all the different cannabinoids from the plant in a pure oil form which makes it easy to separate the cannabinoids into different Isolate formats.

  5. Most facilities opt to change their distillate into CBD Isolate because of the price difference. CBD isolate is a powder form of CBD that is between 96-99% pure CBD. Consumers can use this product to produce foods, cosmetics, and other CBD products. Some foods require water-soluble CBD isolate which is another step of shattering the Isolate crystals from 1 part each to 1000 parts, making it easier to dissolve into liquids such as water.