HHCP Distillate & CRD Distillate

HHCp is known to be 33x more potent than regular HHC. This highly concentrated and powerful distillate can really pack a punch, which is why it is best used in formulations with other distillates. CRD or crystal resistant distillate is perfect to pair with HHCP. We recommend trying our premade formulas which are based off a darker distillate with high CBC and CBT. Naturally, CBC and CBT help enhance the effects od all other cannabinoids. There are three main blends that just make sense for everyone.

  • 1% HHCP
  • 2% HHCP
  • 5% HHCP



1% HHCP & CRD.

This blend is best for those looking for a subtle but real psychoactive effect. Not necessarily for a beginner but more for someone who is looking for a long boost of “happy” and “manageable” effects. Our CRD is loaded with only natural hemp components and comes in a darker color.

2% HHCP & CRD.

Our second blend is twice as strong but doesn’t break the bank. Intended to give a more serious experience with longer durations. This blend is going to pack a punch and at the same time it has a clean taste.

5% HHCP & CRD.

For those looking for a long duration and intense effect. The natural power of HHCP with amplifying effects of both the 10% + CBT and the 3% CBC. This blend is not for beginners. Enjoy a relaxing evening or a bright nature trail walk. This blend delivers the most powerful effect for you.


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