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CBD International Transport

I worked for a logistics company where I focused on CBD International Transport. Between domestic and international transportation, here are some key takeaways that I have learned and that you will find mutually beneficial when transporting your products on the international market. Bona Voluntate takes shipping very serious as it can cause thousands of dollars in sunk costs and irreparable damages to your partnerships/relationships.

CBD Products
CBD Products

International CBD Shipping to Switzerland:

One of the more lenient Country’s due to their customs and custom broker relations and not to mention their higher THC levels. I have sent 100,000s of lbs of hemp flower, 10,000s of lbs of CBD extracts, and strangely enough not a lot of Biomass. From there they utilize distribution channels to service the EU. When shipping to Switzerland it is important to find direct routes. This mitigates the risk of investigations upon layovers in foreign countries that have no business inspecting your cargo. Typically, Bona Voluntate ships out of SFO, ORD, JFK, or MIA and the cargo lands in ZRH where our friendly Swiss Customs brokers quickly import and deliver the cargo to our customers.

International CBD Shipping to Germany:

Germany is one of the most difficult countries to ship to, period. They have very strict rules on importing and even if you follow all of them, German customs has a history of inspecting and delaying cargo. I do not recommend sending flower, but supplying German companies with CBD and minors seems to be ok as long as it meets standards and they have transport permits and licensing. We have not had any inspections or delays when sending CBD or Cannabinoid minors with no THC.

International CBD Shipping to Netherlands:

The first country I have ever shipped to outside of North America. CBD isolate and CBD Flower were hot commodities and I have never had an issue with Customs. The main battle is finding economical options to get it there. UPS allowed me to “RENT” space on their aircraft for 2019 and up to March of 2020. This method allowed me to form my own manifest and avoid their “bulk” import process that would raise red flags.

International CBD Shipping to France:

Flower is a pain, Isolate and extracts not so much. Only a handful of shipments but I relied on French Custom Brokers to import the products. Everything would be pre-approved before flying. Bona Voluntate has a special interest in fostering French CBD company relations as their market has boomed over the last two years. Being able to sustain French Supply Chains and bring optimal value to their clients is part of Bona Voluntates mission.

International CBD Shipping to Italy:

Italy has some weird contradicting laws. EU regulations limit the total THC to 0.2%, but many shops in Italy vouge for the 0.5% law. Seems similar to the United States when the states themselves contradict Federal Law. Shipping to Italy must be done with caution but is a supply chain we service. Extracts are the main commodity that we send with success. Please inquire if you are interested.

International CBD Shipping to UK:

The UK is strict and not strict at the same time. Classifying CBD products under novelty foods, it is imperative that you have an experienced importer or things go south quick. I personally just referred business to a company I work with. They have US and UK offices so they can handle both ends. My company would do their US domestic transit to avoid sketchy US common LTL carriers and to avoid common checkpoints across the country. Yes, there are certain areas that you should be weary of when transporting US product domestically. Use this link to learn more:

Rest of EU:

Bona Voluntate can help other EU members with their CBD International transport as long as they order through us. Our team will dive into the legalities to find potential risks and problems. From there we work with Agents in your country to remedy the problems and get our pre-approval authorization before sending. Rest assured your products will not be sent blindly. CBD International Transport is taken seriously and will arrive.


Yes, you can use the tribes to jerry-rig a supply chain of extracts to Canada. No, I do not recommend it. The proper way to do this is to extract US approved biomass strains in Canada down to their strict specifications. From there, it can be entered into the Health Canada database and be sold on the open market. To bring in Biomass, you need to get a permit from Health Canada which can only be obtained by a Health Canada registered Extraction Facility. The strain must also be approved with a 3rd party lab test. Recently, due to COA fraud, the labs and processors have been re-testing the material with Canadian Test Facilities for authenticity. Overall, a lucrative opportunity if you can source the proper strains and fight through the thick sludge of brokers and bull shit people sell.

Currently, I have partnered with a Lab that can supply these countries. I feel terrible for their Freight Forwarder, but it is so nice being on the other side. It’s fun to quiz them on what Airlines to use based on where its going and what commodity we are shipping. Overall, they are doing a great job. My company is now focused on supplying these channels to the EU, without infringing on the trust of my previous clients. IE hard work and organic sales techniques mixed with a little marketing. I will only use 2-3 labs/processors to accomplish this as good product and promises kept with ensure long term sustainability. Inquire today and learn how we can help with CBD International Transport and Supply today.

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