CB9 Distillate Release

CB9 is a newly developed cannabinoids that is not only psychoactive but may have cooperative effects when blended. CB9 is an amber color, high viscosity oil that is derived from CBD Isolate. 


What is CB9?

CB9, which is derived from CBD, is a newly discovered

CB9 Distillate Bona Voluntate

cannabinoid that was found in small traces of one of our rare cannabinoids distillate. It has a natural 5 carbon tail just like CBD. Bona Voluntate traced the cannabinoid and engineered a process to make it safely. The CB9 cannabinoid is similar in structure to CBD and H4CBD but has a proprietary difference. This slight difference makes it psychoactive in nature and can also be difficult to detect on standard HPLC testing methods. Making it a great cannabinoid to explore. 

Why is CB9 better than any other cannabinoid?

CB9 can arguably be more valuable than most other cannabinoids in the market depending on where you live. In Europe, most governments have moved to ban HHC, HHCP, THCP, and other psychoactive cannabinoids. With these bans, they took away the base structure for THC and HHC. With other governments following their lead, the only solution would be a new cannabinoid that doesnt cross that line. 

Facts about CB9
  • CB9 is not HHC or an HHC based cannabinoid.
  • CB9 is not D9-THC.
  • CB9 does not crystallize.
  • CB9 may have potentiating effects from our limited experience.
  • CB9 is psychoactive similar to the effects of D8 and HHC.
  • CB9 is perfect for any market where CBD is legal but HHC and other psychoactive materials are not.
  • CB9 can be vaped without a harsh throat feel like H4CBD. 

Where to Buy CB9

Contact us today to join the waiting list. Bona Voluntate is working in conjunction with a partner to scale production and offer CB9 to everyone in a more timely manner. For now it has limited availability.
Beware of knockoffs and counterfeit scams. Other products historically appear to mimic or pretend to be a new cannabinoid when its released. To avoid getting another cannabinoid that may be banned in your country consider working directly with Bona Voluntate. 

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More about Bona Voluntate

Bona Voluntate is a manufacturer and international distributor. With a HEMP logistical background, Bona Voluntate is able to mitigate and guide our clients to proper and safer import processes. We are able to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage by innovation of cannabinoids and allowing them to become early adopters. With this head start, most Bona Voluntate clients grow with us. All of our cannabinoids are tested by KCA, FESA and/or Anresco laboratories to ensure our products are not only as pure as we claim but to ensure they are safe.

Reach out to us today and learn more from our friendly sales staff. 

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