Bona Voluntate is committed to the long-term success of our clients. We provide this by supplying quality wholesale products that consumers confidently enjoy. The value is not only in our price, but our services. Distributing throughout the world is possible by detail oriented logistics partners who understand the critical aspects of shipping CBD products. Bona Voluntates staff is available when you need us. Kindness and compassion form our values no matter the circumstances. Rest assured our team will do anything to ensure your success. 

Bona Voluntate is not a middle man. We work directly with labs to ensure you get the value you deserve. Middle men add a huge margin for their services and as a result have given themselves a terrible reputation in the industry. That is why Bona Voluntate has focused on working directly with the labs. Our goal is to be trusted by our partners and the first step is to be transparent. Below, are catalogs, certifications, and information on our Labs products. I encourage our visitors to inquire through us as we can help you get the best possible deal. Most of our dealings will be invoiced by this lab. 

Our MISSION is to enable our partners to prosper by providing them quality products at a competitive cost. We structure our company to differentiate on multiple aspects of the supply chain. Our clients will be optimized for long-
term sustainability.
Our VISION is to be a sustainable partner for the global supply of wholesale CBD products.
Bona Voluntates VALUES transparency and customer service. Our niche is delivering on our promises and enabling our clients to grow with us