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What is HHCH Distillate

HHCH Distillate is Hexahydrocannabihexol. It has a molecular weight of 330.50 and follows this empirical formula: C22H34O2. HHCH is the next step beyond THCH. Like HHCP is to THCP, HHCH is to THCH. We have created it in the same way, by hydrogenating the THCH distillate and creating HHCH.

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In terms of potency, HHCH is about 10-15x stronger than d9 THC. It is slightly stronger than THCH which makes it a great compliment to the more well known phytocannabinoid. It is a high viscosity oil that softens with light heat and the color can be altered through oxidation. Oxidation does not impact the potency or cause any conversions, but it is best to store under argon when stored and at room temperature.

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