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What to Know About THCv For Weight Loss!

Have you heard about the connection between the cannabinoid THCv and weight loss? If you’d like to learn more, then you’ll want to read this full blog.

What Is THCv?

THCv isolate is a cannabinoid that is known for its unique properties that suppress appetite and increase the users energy. Some call it the “diet cannabinoid” due to these effects and claim it is similar to Adderall. One might be amazed with the studies conducted to back this up. It is generally feedback from the consumers based on their personal feelings. When compared to the most popular and prevalent molecule in cannabis, THC, most would say that it is a polar opposite. It mitigates the intoxicating effects of THC (the high and the hunger you get). You are reading “THCv for Weight Loss”

thcv for weight loss

THCv Isolate is a rare cannabinoid that is not only hard to make, but is in limited supply. So, how much does THCV cost? The market value of this product is generally around $28,000 – $35,000 USD per Kg. Bona Voluntate wants to bring value to our clients by providing them with highly discounted rates of $22,500 per kg for 10kg orders and $25,000 for single kg’s. Contact us today to get a competitive advantage on your competitors and build lasting relationships with your clients Please contact us to see the COA.

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THCv For Weight Loss: How It’s Made

THCv is another rare cannabinoid that is made through a chain of conversions. Most notably, it starts with CBD Crystal Isolate and is extracted down to THCv. Our Bulk THCv Isolate is superior because its D9THCv: D8THCv ratio is 3:1. D9THCv is responsible for better focus and appetite suppression. 

More About THCv Isolate For Weight Loss

In a study conducted by the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2009, they found that THCv may reduce food intake and weight gain, which is where it gained its name the “diet cannabinoid”. Here is the conclusion and implications they published:

The data strongly suggest (i) the long-term home-cage observation system is a sensitive and obesity-relevant tool, and (ii) the phytocannabinoid Δ9-THCV is a novel compound with hypophagic properties and a potential treatment for obesity.

Another study conducted in 2013 by Nutrition and Diabetes (authors E T Wargent,1 M S Zaibi,1 C Silvestri,2 D C Hislop,1 C J Stocker,1 C G Stott,3 G W Guy,3 M Duncan,3 V Di Marzo,2 and M A Cawthorne)   found through testing on mice with two dose-ranging studies that “THCV did not significantly affect food intake or body weight gain in any of the studies, but produced an early transient increase in energy expenditure.” Meaning that the cannabinoid did not make the mice lose weight through chemical reactions, but they did gain energy and through using that energy, they lost weight.

Finally in 2015, the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology conducted a study with humans and found this within their double-blind design:

Our findings are the first to show that treatment with the CB1 neutral antagonist tetrahydrocannabivarin increases neural responding to rewarding and aversive stimuli. This effect profile suggests therapeutic activity in obesity, perhaps with a lowered risk of depressive side effects.

What does this mean? THCV increases stimuli in the “midbrain, anterior cingulate cortex, caudate, and putamen” areas of the brain. This shows that the cannabinoid does give the user measurable stimulation to the brain which would support the evidence in the 2013 study that shows mice have increased energy after consuming. 

How Can I Use THCV For Weight Loss?

THCv can be used in many ways. But, it would be best if used with other cannabinoids to get different effects. For instance, a lot of clients like to mix CBD, THCv and CBC together. That gives the user a healthy, energetic, and feel-good sensations (this example does not have supporting evidence, but is merely an example). The future includes consumable oils, drinks, or food that can help alter the present being into a specified mood. We strongly suggest using THCv Isolate Wholesale to bring your products to the next level. 

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