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THCV and CBDV Blend Effects

What effects do you get when you blend THCV and CBDV? Well, in short you will get the energy from THCV and the focus of CBDV. This creates huge opportunities for any user who needs to preform work that requires focus as well. Many scenarios like studying, office work, and socializing come to mind. Let’s dive deeper into some of the research that can support this claim.


In our previous article that defined what THCV is and how it impacts the user, we learned that it does not suppress appetite, rather it increases energy levels which as of a result of the boost in energy, sheds weight. THCV seems to impact cognitive areas of the brain as well. In a 2015 study, conducted by the Journal of Psychopharmacology, they looked at how THCV impacts the more well known effects of THC. 

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They concluded that “THCV was well tolerated and subjectively indistinguishable from placebo. THC did not significantly increase psychotic symptoms, paranoia or impair short-term memory, while still producing significant intoxicating effects. Delayed verbal recall was impaired by THC and only occurred under placebo condition (Z=-2.201, p=0.028), suggesting a protective effect of THCV.” In more simple terms, THCV was able to lower short-term memory loss, psychotic symptoms, and paranoia.


In our previous article that defined what CBDV is and how it impacts the user, we learned that it does shows promise in improving focus. Commonly, CBDV is being researched on its effects to subduing epilepsy and Autism. In all the studies we have read, they all conclude that more research is needed to understand the long-term effects and with a larger data sample.


A combination of THCV and CBDV could very well give “Adderall like effects” according to LA Weekly’s article. Mostly dominated by THCV, the hemp industry is starting to make traction in conjunction with THCV and CBDV Blend Effects.

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