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How Do I Become a CBD Distributor?

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Before you start selling wholesale CBD Oil online, you should get a feel for what you’re doing and a plan. Read this post to get the full details on how to build a successful CBD business in today’s competitive market.

Note: This article was written for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice.

Once you’ve dialed in your legal allowances, it’s time to start setting up shop. There is a simple game plan you can follow to get set up and start selling online. From there, you can start refining your product, marketing, and eCommerce fulfillment strategies to grow your business.

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1. Get The Proper Licensing

Before you start selling wholesale CBD oil, you’ll need to get your licensing together. First, you need a business license. Most commonly, small hemp businesses start a Limited Liability Company.

If you plan to purchase your product from wholesalers, you also need a resale license. Much like business licenses, resale licenses are regulated state by state so look into your state and local laws in your jurisdiction. Find out what you need to have if you need a resale license and ways to acquire one.

2. Find a Trustworthy CBD Distributor

If you’re new to the industry, you aren’t going to just start a lab and then fulfilling orders. No. You want to find a trustworthy supplier that will sell you 3rd party lab-tested products, preferably GMP certified. Even better, find a vertically integrated company that grows the hemp plants, extracts the oil, and makes the finished products.

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3. Write Up a Business Plan With a Marketing Plan

Now that you have the licensing out of the way and you have a supplier you can trust, it’s time to strategize on how to make the most amount of sales. From a digital marketing perspective, you need a website with an easy-to-remember domain name like

One of the best platforms to buy domains from is, but you can also get a domain directly from a host. We recommend with free WordPress. It depends on what you want to do, but having a great page builder like Elementor really helps when you want to fine-tune your site.

4. Market your CBD products as a CBD Distributor

Yes. Market the products. That seems obvious, but once your site goes live, it’s time to generate traffic and convert it into buyers. Most Importantly before getting started with marketing you must focus on the custom CBD boxes for your products, as the most allure packaging you would have the more chances you would have to attract the buyers. This isn’t a set it and forget it type of deal.

Not only is competition stiff, but wholesale CBD oil sellers are limited by the platforms they can advertise on. Facebook, Instagram, and many others don’t allow it.

Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In other words, figure out how to get potential buyers to actually buy. To boost CRO, you’ll want someone who is experienced in digital marketing. They can make sure you have a site that generates traffic and gets sales. Traffic with no sales is worthless. An experienced digital marketer can do wonders to make Google see that your pages are tip-top and worthwhile to visitors.

Blog. Research search terms on Google Trends and publish content that connects to your ideal client. Use targeting features and have a reason for what you are doing.

Give people free stuff once they get to your site.

5. Take Orders and Send Out Orders

The logistics don’t need to be complicated. If you’re not drop shipping, you need a place to keep products and samples. You might now need a whole warehouse when you’re first getting started, but you’ll be surprised how fast things can grow. The ideal facility would be a clean, fulfillment center where you put together orders with a team.

We also recommend using CRM, at a bare minimum, but Trello, Slack, Pipedrive, and Shipstation are also great tools we depend on.

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